Star Wars Episode 7: Five Things We Know For Sure

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There are lots of rumors circulating about Star Wars Episode 7, probably most of which aren't true. Plot line rumors have ranged from the old cast returning to reprise their roles to a brand new story with brand new characters being created. Numerous directors have been rumored to on Disney's short list to helm the film. With all the rumors, decided to put together a list of just the facts that we actually know about Star Wars Episode 7 at this point. 5. Michael Arndt Is The Writer - After it was leaked online that Michael Arndt was working on the script online, Lucasfilm confirmed the news with an official announcement. The Award-winning screenwriter behind Little Miss Sunshine will indeed be writing a script for Star Wars. 4. George Lucas Met With Carrie Fisher And Mark Hamill - After news broke that Disney was acquiring Lucasfilm, Mark Hamill revealed that George Lucas met with him and Carrie Fisher last summer. In the meeting, Hamill revealed that Lucas told them that Star Wars Episodes 7, 8 and 9 were going to be made. However, Hamill didn't reveal details on anything else they might have talked about. 3. Disney Is Talking To A Couple Directors - While we don't know for sure what directors Disney is talking to, we do know that Disney has it narrowed down to just a couple directors. While this information wasn't part of an official announcement, it came from Frank Marshall, who is Kathleen Kennedy's husband and should be in a position to know. 2. Most Of The Main Cast Wants To Return- Every time any of the original cast of Star Wars dares to venture out in public now, there are a dozen reporters wanting to know if they are interested in returning for the Star Wars sequels. Not surprisingly, pretty much the entire cast has said they would be willing to return. 1. Episode 7 Will Be Released In 2015 - While we may not have an exact date or even know if it will be summer, winter, fall, or spring, we do at least know the year that Star Wars Episode 7 will be released. In making the initial announcement, Disney CEO Bob Iger said that the first of the new Star Wars sequels would be released in 2015.