Star Wars Episode 7 Jedi Academy Report A Mistake

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As reported a couple days ago, Reuters ran a report suggesting that Luke Skywalker would build a Jedi Knight academy on Yavin 4 in Star Wars Episode 7. As the time, we labeled the report as a rumor, despite the fact that it came from one of the world's largest news agencies. Since we reported on the story, the Yavin 4 plot point has spread across the Internet like wildfire with no official denial or correction from Reuters. However, the rumor has now been debunked by the very same writer of the article that contained the report. emailed writer Michael McDonald, who responded, "This was a mistake. I misunderstood what fan clubs had told me and shown me in book plots and that storyline has not been announced by Disney. Perhaps I should have written something along the lines of 'Yavin 4 appears in several Star Wars book plots and while Guatemala fans said they hope film crews return to Tikal, the company has not announced plans for the new episode.'"