Star Wars Episode VII Announcement Rumored For October 30

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Here we go again. Ever since 2013 San Diego Comic Con, there have been rumors that Disney was saving up for a big surprise announcement about Star Wars Episode VII. The initial rumor was Disney didn't reveal anything at Comic Con because they were saving it for their own D23 Disney Expo. Then, pretty much every week since D23, there has been rumor or two that Disney is finally going to make an announcement. But back in early October things started to get really serious with multiple rumors circulating that an announcement was imminent. One rumor even suggested that a Star Wars Episode VII announcement trailer with Mark Hamill was about to be released. And sure enough, Lucasfilm did release a trailer with Mark Hamill on October 9, but it was the original Star Wars teaser trailer, not a Star Wars Episode VII announcement. Still, the sudden and unexplained released of the original Star Wars teaser trailer got many excited that something was brewing. Then, exactly a week later on October 16, Lucasfilm released a teaser trailer for the Empire Strikes Back. While two trailer releases don't confirm a pattern, it will definitely get people buzzing if Lucasfilm releases the trailer for Return of the Jedi tomorrow on October 23. If the Return of the Jedi trailer does drop tomorrow, then it will establish a pattern of trailers for Episode IV, Episode V, and Episode VI being released a week apart. If the pattern is established, then the next logical conclusion would be that the much rumored Episode VII trailer or announcement will drop on October 30. What is the significance of making the Star Wars Episode VII announcement on October 30? Well, it would be exactly one year from the date that Disney officially announced the acquisition of Lucasfilm. With all the recent talk of an announcement coming, we have to think that where there is smoke there is fire, and an October 30 announcement to coincide with the anniversary of the acquisition announcement just seems to make sense.