Star Wars Episode VII: Carrie Fisher Wants To Shoot Guns If She Returns As Princess Leia

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During her panel at Fan Expo Canada, Carrie Fisher was very careful not to confirm that she was returning as Princes Leia in Star Wars Episode VII. She made several references to getting in trouble for talking too much in Calgary (where she mentioned Disney hiring a personal trainer to help her get in shape). At one point, Fisher did let it slip out that she had talked to J.J. Abrams, before quickly saying that she couldn't say anything about anything. She did also answer a question about how she would like to see Princess Leia shown if she were to come back for Episode VII. Fisher joked, "Not in a metal bikini…unless they could involve Spanx somehow with it." Then, Fisher added more seriously, "I would like to shoot guns again if that came up. No, I couldn't say. It's the imagination. It's the storytelling. It's the fantasy element those films that appeal …it's the fairy tale of the 21st century, so it's just nice being in a world that's an imaginative world that somehow seems familiar, but how could it?" When asked what she thought of George Lucas selling Star Wars to Disney, Fisher replied, "If someone offered me a couple of billion dollars for something, I might sell it, even if it was Star Wars."  Fisher also expressed her hope of seeing Princess Leia incorporated more into Disneyland, saying "I'd like to be a ride. That is not a euphemism."