Star Wars Episode VII: Harrison Ford, Benedict Cumberbatch Waffle on Roles

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The first bits of video from Harrison Ford and Benedict Cumberbatch's new appearance on The Graham Norton Show have made their way online and, as one might expect, the very first is a clip in which Norton asks both men about their respective Star Wars casting rumors. With even Cumberbatch convinced that Ford is on board for the sequels, Ford does somewhat waffle on the decision, joking that an old Han Solo running a bed and breakfast is just the kind of thing that prevents him signing on the dotted line--but even that is only after he mutters and babbles through a semi-denial that stops short of actually denying anything. For his part, Cumberbatch more or less copies that mumbling, babbling sound syllable for syllable when the spotlight is cast on him. It's clear they're having quite a bit of fun with the rumors... The episode will air on October 19 at 10 p.m./9 p.m. Central on BBC America.