Star Wars Episode VII Will Feature Luke Skywalker Building Jedi Knight Academy

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While we should probably label this one as rumor, one of the world's largest news agencies is reporting it as fact, so maybe they know something the rest of us don't. According to Reuters, Star Wars Episode VII will feature Luke Skywalker building a Jedi Knight academy. The information is buried in an article that focuses on the connection between Star Wars and Maya Apocalypse. George Lucas filmed part of the original Star Wars at the ruins of the Maya temples in the Guatemalan rainforest. The Tikal Mayan ruins were used to represent the planet Yavin 4. According to the article, Yavin 4 and the rebel base are part of the Star Wars Episode VII plot, which features Skywalker building a Jedi Knight Academy. However, Reuters also reports that fans think Disney will not return to Tikal but will instead recreate those scenes in a studio. We're guessing Reuters is just reporting fan speculation as fact, but still it's an interesting theory. Lucasfilm has officially announced that Michael Arndt was hired as a writer, so it wouldn't be impossible that some might be privy to what exactly he's writing.