Star Wars' George Lucas Is Getting Married

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A couple days ago, ran an article about the most recent Future of Star Wars video from George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy. When talking about his mixed feelings over leaving Star Wars, George Lucas said, "It's like when you leave home to go to college, you know like when you get married. There are things that you know are like scary and fun, and you know I'm looking forward to trying new things." Well, now we know the reason why George Lucas had marriage on his mind. The Huffington Post is reporting that George Lucas has just gotten engaged to his longtime girlfriend Mellody Hobson. They've been dating for seven years. Mellody Hobson is a successful businesswoman in her own right, running a $3 billion Chigaco-based investment firm. This will be the first marriage for Mellody Hobson and the second marriage for George Lucas. George Lucas was previously married to Marcia Lucas, but they divorced in 1983. Congratulations to George Lucas for trying a scary and fun new thing.