Star Wars Re-Release Trailer: Is Lucasfilm Toying With Fans?

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Just like they have done the previous three Wednesdays, Lucasfilm released a new Star Wars trailer today. Except instead of a teaser for Star Wars Episode VII as many were hoping, Lucasfilm released a trailer for the Star Wars theatrical re-release. In posting the trailer to Facebook, Lucasfilm wrote, "Continuing on our tour of vintage videos, we present the trailer for the 1978 theatrical re-release of Star Wars." Lucasfilm also updated the image on the official Star Wars Facebook page to the Millennium Falcon earlier today, which had many speculating that it was another hint that Star Wars Episode VII news was on the way. While Lucasfilm has never promised that they were doing any type of countdown to a Star Wars Episode VII announcement, they are likely aware of the fan speculation and rumors, which have been covered on this site as well as a number of other entertainment news sites. At this point, one has to wonder if Lucasfilm might be toying just a little bit with fans and the press in regards to Star Wars Episode VII news.