Star Wars Spin-Off Movies Reportedly In The Works

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While it has been rumored that Star Wars might take The Avengers route with various Star Wars spin-off movies, The Hollywood Reporter now seems to be confirming that rumor. A little over a week ago The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg had been brought in to write future Star Wars movies. At the time, it was reported that they would be writing Episode 8 and Episode 9, but it wasn't known who would be writing which episode. Now, it looks like Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg might be working on Star Wars spin-off projects rather than Episodes 8 and 9. Because they would be working on separate projects from the main Star Wars series, they could also receive producer credits. If Disney takes The Avengers route with Star Wars, these spin-off movies could focus on side characters. Of course, none of this is official, as the only announcement made by Disney and Lucasfilm involving writers is that Micheal Arndt is working on a script for Star Wars Episode 7. However, Disney CEO Robert Iger did say during the initial conference call about the Lucasfilm acquisition that a new Star Wars film was planned every two to three years. Also, Entertainment Weekly reported Lucasfilm employees had indicated that Kathleen Kennedy planned for Lucasfilm to go to releasing two to three films a year. While it was left open as to the subject matter of those two to three films a year, it's conceivable that at least some of them would likely be Star Wars spin-off movies.