Star Wars: The Force Awakens Breaking Ticket Sales Records On Fandango

It's no secret that Star Wars: The Force Awakens is selling a forceful amount of tickets less than a day after going on sale. So much so the sites selling tickets have been crashing.

Before the exact number of tickets sold is quantified, AMC Theaters has said that the single-day advance ticket sales record has been shattered more than 10 times over for The Force Awakens. The theater chain has sold out more than 1,000 shows for the movie, which is set for a December 18 release, in less than 12 hours. The previous record was held by the first installment of The Hunger Games.

Fandango has also confirmed that The Force Awakens has stripped The Hunger Games of its first day record.

"For Star Wars, we have already sold eight times as many tickets as we did on the first day of sales for the previous record holder," Fandango said.

"This is an extraordinary time for the industry, which experienced unprecedented ticketing demand last night," Fandango said. "Movie theaters are continually adding new show times on Fandango to meet the phenomenal demand. The enthusiasm for this year's most anticipated movie is out of this world and we expect it to continue all the way to its debut on Dec. 18."


AMC is continually adding showtimes as previous screenings sell-out, as are Carmike and Regal. Looking at their sites, you'll notice certain theaters adding 7:01, 7:02, 7:03, 7:04, and so on, screenings on December 17, which is the earliest theaters are allowed to show the film. Several theaters around the country already have plans to stay open for 24 straight hours for the film's release.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters December 18, 2015.