Star Wars: The Force Awakens Breaks Tuesday Box Office Record, Beats Spider-Man Again


Star Wars: The Force Awakens swatted Spidey again, taking another record away from Sony's webslinger. With $37.3 million on Tuesday, they Force their way into the record books again, beating Amazing Spider-Man's $35 million, a record held since July 2012.

The bigger component to that record is that ASM actually launched on that Tuesday - so we're comparing one movie's fifth day in theaters, and a fairly random Tuesday, to an opening day the day before the Fourth of July. Yes, it's a holiday week as well and most schools are out for break already, but it's still significant.

This leaves only Wednesday, Thursday (because the "preview night" tickets sold technically tallied into Friday's record-setter) and Saturday for The Force Awakens to have a seven-day sweep of records. More than half the week isn't a bad way to start. Wednesday is a nearly insurmountable challenge, however, as The Twilight Saga: Eclipse holds that record with an opening day tally of $68.55 million.

Still, this puts Star Wars: The Force Awakens in the record books in double digits. It also beats the 5-Day gross record, and by default wins the 6-Day, 7-Day, and 8-Day records set by Jurassic World, as it's already at that total: $325.4 million is more than the previous record holder made in over a week, done in five days.