Star Wars: The Force Awakens Opening Weekend Box Office Could Hit $600 Million

We knew the Force was strong with Episode VII, but we didn't know it was this strong.

Experts are now predicting Star Wars: The Force Awakens could open to a domestic box office weekend of more than $300 million, supplying half of a global total of over $600 million. The current record for largest opening weekend is held be Jurassic World, which hauled in just over $208 million in its first three days of release domestically, totalling $524.4 million worldwide.

Online sales for The Force Awakens began Monday night. The demand was so high, sites where pre-sales were available, such as Fandango, crashed. In the first 24 hours, The Force Awakens claimed $6.5 million in IMAX sales alone, shattering the previous record more than six times over, and breaking the overall advanced ticket sales record in single day, previously held by The Hunger Games, by more than eight times.

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters December 18, 2015.

via THR