Star Wars: The Force Awakens Passes $600 Million Domestic Box Office

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

After Monday's strong start to the week, it looked like Star Wars: The Force Awakens would hit $600 million sometime early Wednesday. Well, analysts get it wrong, sometimes.

Instead, Force hit $600 million on Tuesday, just barely crossing it at $600.65 million after a $29.3 million day. There's now almost a 100% chance the film crosses $700 million domestic box office this weekend, shockingly only its third in theaters.

For those keeping track, yes, this is now the fastest movie to hit $600 million domestic (and only the fifth movie ever to do so - the second from 2015), adding to the Star Wars: The Force Awakens record list. The next major milestone is certainly $700 million, but the real goal is $760.5 million, the all-time domestic gross record held by Avatar. The film also helped push the domestic record total past $11 billion this week.


Some people will also throw in the inflation caveat, but that's not an exact science, failing to take into account things like massive changes in budget, competition from number of films in theaters (plus other competition) and home entertainment options from home theaters to video games. Simply releasing a movie from 1939 today doesn't mean it would make 1.6 billion dollars.