Star Wars: The Force Awakens Was Almost Titled Shadow Of The Empire


In November of 2014, Disney and Lucasfilm chose The Force Awakens as the title for Episode VII of the Star Wars film franchise. With a project this important, financially and culturally, it is safe to assume that there were several alternative titles being considered. And now we know one of them!

During a Twitter exchange, Pablo Hidalgo, Creative Executive of the Lucasfilm Story Group, told Jedi News editor Justin LaSalata that for a long period of time Star Wars VII was actually titled Shadow of the Empire.

That title will be familiar to you Star Wars fans as Shadows of the Empire was the title of Steve Perry's 1996 novel and it was also used for a multimedia project that included a comic book mini-series published by Dark Horse Comics and a LucasArts' video game developed for the Nintendo 64.

Check out their exchange in the tweets below.

(via slashfilm)


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