Stardust Ranks and Reviews Star Wars

(Photo: WWE)

Stardust and Zack Ryder are huge nerds, clearly. Stardust's fandom across geek culture is well-documented, and now he and fellow WWE superstar Ryder talk about Star Wars. Don't worry, any spoilers in here are censored nicely.

Stardust makes a lot of fun of Zack's instagram post with a motion/sound Chewbacca toy and both of them give their rankings of the Star Wars films. Stardust's is... well, it's pretty darn close to my own, honestly. Crap, do I have things in common with that crazy character?

Check out the video above for a fun, laughter-filled shoot. It's refreshing, actually, to have an official vid just really be two guys having fun with something they love like Star Wars.