Suicide Squad: Oprah Winfrey Reportedly First Choice For Amanda Waller

Oprah Winfrey is Warner Bros. first choice for the role of Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad, according to Variety.

It's somewhat surprising to see Winfrey on the shortlist for a film about a team of killers and criminals, not because of any lack of talent (she is a former Oscar nominee, after all), but simply because its hard to see where she would find the time, considering she runs a multimedia empire of her own, and the role seems to clash with her family friendly image.

To be fair, I wouldn't be the first to peg family friendly summer blockbuster regular Will Smith as cold-blooded killer for hire Deadshot either, so maybe it's just me.

While Winfrey is at the top of Warners' short list, the list also includes Octavia Spencer and Viola Davis.


Suicide Squad will open August 5, 2016.