Super-Fan Builds A DeLorean Hot Tub Time Machine

To Back to the Future superfan Brandon, the most iconic part of the fan favorite franchise wasn't Marty McFly, Doc Emmett Brown, or even the time travel.

It was always about the Delorean, which was his favorite character of the series. That, combined with his frequent throwing of what he dubs time parties, all added up to an original creation that combined the best of both worlds, courtesy of Super-Fan Builds.

Back To Future Hot Tub
(Photo: Super-Fan Builds)

After meeting with Brandon, Shane Hammond from Setmasters set off to work, attempting to marry all of Brandon's favorite aspects of the film into one unique creation. He came up with a Delorean Hot Tub Time Machine, something that you won't encounter at just anyone's house.

To do it he purchased the raw frame and all the accompanying panels, and then started taking off all the steel frames. Then it was time to make space for the actual hot tub, which is going where the hood typically goes. It's all stacked on top of a custom deck, so it appears like its floating.


It would be one thing if it was just a shell, which would be cool enough, but Hammond also rigged the vehicle to have lifting doors and even contains a steady lift, giving anyone in the hot tub some headroom. It's going to be hard to miss, as the unit features blue LED's everywhere, and is definitely a one of a kind item. You can check out the entire build and reaction in the video above.