Superhero Anime Tiger & Bunny Getting Hollywood Live Action Movie

Imagine Entertainment is teaming with All Nippon Entertainment Works and Namco Bandai to turn superhero anime Tiger & Bunny into a live action, English-language film, Deadline reports.

Tiger & Bunny is a post-modern take on superheroes, treading gournd similar to Powers and Watchmen, but with a lighter tone. The series takes place 45 years after powered humans, called NEXTs, began appearing on Earth. These NEXTs are broadcast on a reality show called Hero TV, where they are ranked based on their deeds and compete to be crowned each seasons' "King of Heroes."

The story follows Wild Tiger, a veteran hero with old school values and no knack for showmanship. He teams with a younger hero with the same powers and a bit more flair. They take on the challenges of the day and clash over their different philosophies on heroism along the way, and eventually must take on a homicidal vigilante NEXT named Lunatic.

The Tiger & Bunny series ran 25 episodes. It was never broadcast in the United States, but was simulcast via Hulu, and episodes can still be found there. The series has also spawned manga, games, and an anime film.


The film will be produced by Brian Glazer, Ron Howard, Sandy Climan, Annmarie Bailey, and Masayuki Ozaki. Ozaki produced the original anime.