Superman Returns AGAIN? Maybe not With Brandon Routh


In a recent interview with Spanish language website Omelete, the man who wore the blue and red tights in the recent film Superman Returns, Brandon Routh, indicated that his contract with Warner Bros. Studios has expired and that the decision as to whether or not he will return as Superman in any future planned films is out of his hands. Routh commented that he still had a large amount of interest in playing the iconic Man of Steel again, " If they call me again, I would go back to the character without thinking twice!"Rumors of a complete reboot of the Superman film franchise have been discussed, which could indicate a motive behind not retaining Routh in his contract with the studio company. When asked about those rumors and whether or not the tone of future Superman films would change, Routh had this to say, "I do not know of anything. I'm sure that Warner Bros. is moving there, but everything is still uncertain. Really, I do not know anything." The website also asked him an intriguing question about the reception of Batman Begins, a reboot of that series, versus the long-awaited followup to the Superman franchise. Routh felt that one of the big reasons for people's lack of satisfaction with Superman Returns came in the fact that there weren't as many action sequences as people may have wanted with a film like his. Whether or not Warner Bros. is mulling over a recasting or rebooting is still unclear, but how long will it take to find the right talent to pull off, and offset, what many consider a letdown of a film, especially without the star?