Taylor Kitsch Wishes Channing Tatum The Best With Gambit

In 2016, Channing Tatum will star as the X-Men's Cajun charmer in the Gambit movie, but he's not the first actor to play Remy LeBeau on screen.

It was Taylor Kitsch who took on Gambit's movie debut in 2009's ill-fated X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Speaking to The Daily Beast, Kitsch says he was never considered for reprising the role in the solo film, but there are no hard feelings towards Tatum:

Um…no, I didn't have a go. Ever since we finished the movie, it's never really been an option. But no, I wish [Channing] nothing but the best. It was a fun character to play, and I learned a lot working with Hugh [Jackman] and had an amazing time in Australia. I'm sure they're doing their own thing with it, and I'm sure Channing will be great.

Plot details concerning Gambit are still being kept under wraps, but those involved have hinted that it will tell the thief-turned-hero's origin story. Check out when Gambit and other movies are coming out in ComicBook.com's Movie Release Schedule.


Kitsch is currently starring in True Detective Season 2, airing Sunday nights on HBO.