The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Regal Cinemas and "Spidey Kid" Ask About Superheroes

amazing spiderman 2 (4)

If you saw The Amazing Spider-Man this weekend, you know that Andrew Garfield continued his trend from the first movie of being great with kids as Peter Parker/ Spider-Man. Well, it's in that vein that Regal Cinemas sent a "Kid Spider-Man" out into the world to talk to moviegoers, doing a handful of "man on the street"-style interviews asking people what they think about superheroes. It's pretty cute. Check it out below.

We sent Regal Cinema's own Spidey-Kid to the streets of Los Angeles to see if people are ready for The Amazing Spider-Man 2! We'll find out what makes someone a hero and what makes them scared; And we might even find out a little about the human condition.