The Amazing Spider-Man Beating The Avengers International Box Office Openings


And away we go. There have been many eyes focusing on Sony's reboot of The Amazing Spider-Man, which premiered in some international markets this weekend. In what would likely be a guaranteed hit in any other summer, there has been much speculation over if Spider-Man would get lost in the shadow of The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises. Well, according to early foreign box office estimates, the old webhead is doing quite well for himself. Deadline reports that The Amazing Spider-Man is actually opening bigger than The Avengers in the international markets where it has premiered. In Korea, The Amazing Spider-Man reportedly took in $13 million, which beat The Avengers opening in that market. In India, The Amazing Spider-Man reportedly took in over $5 million more than The Avengers. No numbers for Singapore, Hong Kong, and the Pillippines, but Deadline describes the film as having huge openings there as well. The Amazing Spider-Man will premiere at the U.S. box office on July 3, 2012. Will, the success in the international market carry over to the U.S. market? No one knows for sure, but Sony has to be feeling optimistic at this point in time. While the early reviews for The Amazing Spider-Man haven't been over-the-top rave reviews like The Avengers received, the reviews have definitely been very positive. Spider-Man is also arguable Marvel's best known character, and pre-Avengers he was the Marvel character with the biggest success record at the box office. Spider-Man has starred in three different films among the top twenty-five highest grossing movies of all time at the U.S. box office. No other superhero (not even Batman) can claim that consistent record of success. According to Box Office Mojo, the first Spider-Man movie took in $403.7 million, followed by Spider-Man 2 at $373.5 million, and lastly Spider-Man 3 at $336.5 million. While some might read the declining numbers as declining interest for Spider-Man, it likely has more to do with the quality of the various movies. Even though Spider-Man 3 had the lowest total box office, it actually had the largest opening weekend for a Spider-Man movie at $151.1 million. The movie just lost steam quickly because it was widely regarded as the weakest of the three Spider-Man movies. If the early reviews hold up, Sony looks like it could very well be restoring Spider-Man to movie greatness after he slipped with Spider-Man 3. Could it be that the top three movies at the U.S. box office in 2012 will all be superhero movies?