The Amazing Spider-Man's Intern Initiative


The Oscorp Industries website that's running as part of a viral marketing campaign for Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man has a new blog post today, inviting fans to engage in their Intern Initiative program. So far it's just a blog post at the top, along with this weekend's viral video of Dr. Curt Connors' video blog, but the bottom of the page features an intriguing bit of something that looks like an incomplete DNA helix. (Or maybe web fluid, but DNA seems more reasonable.) The best guess is probably that, like The Dark Knight Rises' last trailer, which was revealed little bits at a time as fans logged onto the site and completed tasks. There are no tasks clearly visible on the site, though, so it's likely that the thing they want you to do is just to watch the Connors video, which says "Intern assessment sequence initiated" when it concludes.