The Amazing Spider-Man's Lizard on Display in Entertainment Weekly


This week's edition of Entertainment Weekly, on the stands today, features a look at The Amazing Spider-Man and, along with a number of photos that we've either seen or that are remarkably similar to things we've already seen, we got our first really good look at The Lizard. The studio hasn't exactly kept the villain under wraps the last little while, as he's been prominently featured in action in trailers and teasers, but still photos of the character have been hard to come by, and since he's always in quick, serpent-like motions, it's impossible to get a good luck from videos. As the film's villain, The Lizard is an important component of the film and ultimately if his fully-CG form didn't work, it seems likely that the film would fall apart, much as Spider-Man 3 did when neither Sandman nor Venom really seemed "right." What do you think of The Lizard so far?