The Amazing Spider-Man's Rhys Ifans Nearly As Bad As The Lizard


In a new interview about her role in the upcoming superhero reboot The Amazing Spider-Man, Emma Stone told E! Television that the famous scene where The Lizard is stalking Gwen Stacy through Oscorp depicted her with terror and revulsion that was all too real. "I was in the closet and The Lizard is talking to me when I'm hiding," Stone told the network. "The actual lines for the Lizard are, like, 'I can smell your perfume' and they were playing over the loud speaker for me. But I asked Rhys to record something that would just really, truly terrify me. Not as Gwen, but me as Emma." Whatever it was, the reaction seems pretty good from waht we've seen in the ads so, outside of starring in Notting Hill, Ifans must have some pretty Sinestro-quality capacity to instill fear buried inside that skinny frame. That interview, and a couple of others conducted by E!, can be seen below.