The Avengers Fastest Film To $500 Million In History


While the Men In Black might have won bragging rights for the Memorial Day weekend box office, The Avengers is still by far the most successful movie of the year so far. In fact, The Avengers is the only summer blockbuster released so far that could be considered a runaway success. Both Dark Shadows and Battleship were huge disappointments at the U.S. box office. And despite being on pace to win the Memorial Day weekend, Men In Black 3 is falling short of estimates and might eventually be labeled a disappointment considering its lofty budget. However, The Avengers continues to break records. In it's fourth weekend at the U.S. box office, The Avengers has become the fourth movie in history to bring in more than $500 million. Not only does it join Avatar, Titanic, and The Dark Knight in the $500 million club, but it has accomplished the feat faster than any other movie in history. The Avengers crossed the $500 million mark in only 23 days, which was a full 9 days faster than Avatar, which was the previous record holder. It's interesting to note that of the only four movies to have accumulated $500 million at the U.S. box office, two of them are comic book movies and the other two are James Cameron movies. Which leads us to ask the question: what if James Cameron made a comic book superhero movie? Would it make a billion dollars at the U.S. box office?