The Avengers Movie: Five Best Moments

With The Avengers breaking the opening weekend box office record, we figure that most everyone has [...]

Avengers Five Best Moments

With The Avengers breaking the opening weekend box office record, we figure that most everyone has seen the movie at least once by now. With that in mind, this article is intended for those who have seen the movie to reflect on their favorite moments. If you're one of the few that hasn't seen the movie (and what are you waiting for?), then be warned that spoilers follow. Black Widow Fights While Tied To A Chair – If anyone went in thinking Black Widow was just going to be eye candy in The Avengers, this one scene likely changed their mind. In a scene that is both action-packed and hilarious, Black Widow takes out a gang of Russian thugs while tied to a chair. The scene really sets the tone as the first example of how good the overall movie is going to play out. Loki Kills Agent Coulson – While it was sad to see Agent Coulson die in The Avengers, it was a best moment for simple that reason. Over the early course of the movie, Agent Coulson is one of the most likable and relatable characters in the movie. His death is not a meaningless or pure shock value death, but instead Coulson's death moves the plot forward as it gives the team something to avenge. Hulk Punches Thor Out Of The Scene – When Hulk first emerges in the movie, he gets into a knockdown, drag-out fight with Thor. But the real best moment between Hulk and Thor comes later in the movie. After the two fight side by side against the aliens, they pause for just a moment to rest. Without looking, Hulk reaches out and punches Thor out of the scene, showing that he hasn't forgotten about the earlier fight. Iron Man Rides The Nuclear Missile – One of the great things about The Avengers is that the early part of the movie cleverly builds up the latter part of the movie. In one scene, Captain America calls Tony Stark out as someone pretending to be a hero, who wouldn't sacrifice himself for others. Near the end of the movie, Tony Stark proves himself worthy by steering a nuclear missile into the alien portal in what looks to be a suicide mission. As he heads to what looks to be his death, Tony Stark tries to call Pepper Potts to no avail. It's a very heart-tugging moment as the audience is left to wonder if Tony will die never having gotten to say goodbye to Pepper. The Hulk Laying The Smack Down On Loki – Just when you think Loki is about to go off on another of his epic rants about being a god, the Hulk grabs him and lays the smack down. It's one of the most brutal (and yet funny) beatings that occurs in the movie. Afterwards, the Hulk mutters "puny god."