The Avengers: Worst Captain America Helmet Ever?

Avengers in Empire Magazine

First, I should point out that I pretty much love everything about the upcoming Avengers movie. The casting is phenomenal, the director is fantastic, and the trailers so far have been incredible. Now, here comes the exception. I love everything but Captain America's helmet. A new image from The Avengers published in Empire Magazine (via shows Captain Americataking a stroll with Hawkeye and Black Widow. As with all Avengers promotional material, Hawkeye and Black Widow are in the background while Captain America (the guy with his own movie) is front and center. Seeing a good close-up shot with Captain America wearing his helmet makes it obvious as to why Captain America is unmasked in most of his scenes in the Avengers trailers. When he is shown with his helmet in the trailers, it's usually from a distance while he's moving. Unfortunately, close-up and not moving, Captain America looks sort of ridiculous in his helmet. The image is creating quite a stir online for exactly that reason. Is this the worst Captain America helmet ever? Compared to the old style helmet that Captain America wore in Captain America: The First Avenger his helmet in The Avengers does sort of look worse. However, The Avengers is far from the first time that Captain America has been saddled with a bad helmet.

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In the seventies, there were two Captain America TV movies where Captain America actually wore a motorcycle helmet with either goggles or a visor. Actually, when I look at the new Avengers helmet compared side by side with the old seventies TV show helmet, then I start thinking maybe the new helmet doesn't look that bad after all.