The Dark Knight Rises: Bane Vs. Cable Guys

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The Dark Knight Rises trailers certainly inspired a lot of parody videos, and now parodies of scenes in the actual movie are starting to surface. Earlier this week, we brought you a Dark Knight Rises parody video of John Blake singing his version of "Call Me Maybe," which was called "Batman Maybe." Now, here is another parody video which features the character that has often been the central focus of most Dark Knight Rises parodies. There is just something about Bane with that face mask and raspy voice that makes him a ripe target for comedy. Of course, since this parody is of an actual scene in The Dark Knight Rises, we have to say this for the two people who might not have seen The Dark Knights Rises yet. There will be spoilers. This particular parody is from and focuses on the scene where Bane is antagonizing Bruce Wayne inside a prison. Bane is going to force Bruce Wayne to watch the destruction of Gotham City on TV, but first he has to get the cable installed. And we all know how that usually goes.