The Dark Knight Rises Comic-Con Posters And Events

The Dark Knight Rises Comic-Con Poster

The Dark Knight Rises might not be officially appearing at Comic-Con, but there are still going to be lots of Dark Knight Rises goodies there. Mondo has announced that they have partnered with artist Jock to create a special poster for the Dark Knight Rises. The Dark Knight Rises Comic-Con poster will be a limited edition print. It will be available for purchase exclusively at the Mondo Comic-Con booth #437 on Thursday, July 12, 2012. Dark Knight Rises fans should watch @MondoNews on Twitter for exact sale time. The Dark Knight Rises Comic-Con poster by Jock will be 24 x 36 in size and is limited to 375 prints. The sale price of the poster will be $50. In other Dark Knight Rises Comic-Con related news, the Comic-Con WB Booth and the Bayfront Park Bat Cave will be giving away exclusive chalk bat decals. In addition, Warner Bros. has announced a special event will be taking place at Comic-Con where five lucky fans will win private screenings of The Dark Knight Rises in each of their hometowns. Follow @BatSignalSearch ( for more details.