The Dark Knight Rises' Jonathan Nolan: "Joss Whedon Is A God"

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There may remain some animosity between feans of Marvel's The Avengers and those of The Dark Knight Rises over which movie was the better summer comic book adaptation, but that hasn't seemed to be particularly pervasive in terms of the films' top talent. Just before The Dark Knight Rises hit theaters, Thor star Chris Hemsworth was singing director Christopher Nolan's praises. Now Nolan's brother Jonathan has some things to say on the matter of The Avengers, during an interview with Empire. Asked whether he'd seen The Avengers, a film The Dark Knight Rises cinematographer Wally Pfister called "appalling", Nolan said that he had. "To me Joss Whedon is a god, I'm just a huge fan of his work, I love his work on TV. And I thought The Avengers was just an incredible achievement."