The Dark Knight Rises: New TV Spot Focuses on Bruce's Injuries


A new TV spot for The Dark Knight Rises, made available earlier today, gives a little insight into exactly why Bruce Wayne has been seen nursing a cane in so many ads for the film. We get to see Batman and John Blake in the same place at the same time in the final seconds of the film, suggesting that the police officer may not be only a foil for Catwoman, and quite a lot of new footage for a thirty-second spot, as well as a lighter take on the film, including a doctor who's played by Thomas Lennon, an actor best known for his comedic roles in things like Reno 911 and The State. The ad likely originated from Comcast's XFinity site, where their Dark Knight Rises subpage has some exclusive material rolling out this week to coincide with San Diego Comic-Con International in advance of the film's release date next week. Check them out for exclusive material over the next few days, which we'll bring you as it becomes available, too.