The Dark Knight Rises Parody: How It Should Have Ended

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The Dark Knight Rises might have just finished its fifth weekend at the box office, but The Dark Knight Rises parodies show no signs of slowing down. By this time pretty much everyone should have seen the movie, so The Dark Knight Rises: How It Should Have Ended doesn't hold back on the spoilers. If by some odd chance you haven't seen The Dark Knight Rises yet, be warned this video will pretty much spoil the whole thing. This particular Dark Knight Rises parody video comes way of the guys over at How It Should Have Ended. The video isn't so much as just how the very ending should have gone down, but it looks at several moments in the film which could have gone differently. Just a tip, without spoiling the biggest punchline of the clip, be sure to stick around for the after the credits scene. The Dark Knight Rises didn't have an official after the credits scene, but we think the one in this parody video would have worked perfectly.