The Expendables 4 To Begin Filming In 2016

Why stop at a trilogy, these days? The Expendables franchise certainly is looking beyond that.

A new report from Variety states that Expendables 4 will begin production in 2016 and hit theaters in 2017. The project doesn't yet have a director or cast but will likely return several of its action stars from previous efforts and introduce a few new faces to the fold.

The report also claims Expendables 4 will have a budget over $100 million.

The Expendables franchise does not have overwhelming box office numbers in the U.S., however, what's helping the fourth installment get off the ground is Chinese distribution rights. The third Expendables film had major legs in the Chinese market - now that the fourth has earned the ability to be distributed in the major market prior to production, the project will go forward.


What actors or actresses would you like to see join the Expendables franchise?