The Goon Movie: Los Angeles Screening Announced

Blur Studios, the animators behind the animated trailer below based on Eric Powell's hit Dark [...]

Blur Studios, the animators behind the animated trailer below based on Eric Powell's hit Dark Horse Comics series The Goon, are attempting to Kickstart the $400,000 necessary to produce a feature-length story reel, essentially a test animation that they can take to studios in the hopes of getting a feature-length film fully funded. The project hasn't been without its detractors, who say that without a concrete, finished product that can be provided to fans, Blur is using Kickstarter improperly. Blur counters that to widely distribute the story reel--a full-length, unfinished version of their film--would materially damage their chances of actually getting a motion picture studio to sign on to fund the finished product. So what's the solution? In an e-mail sent to Kickstarter backers earlier this week, Blur announced a screening night to be set up for backers of the project if it's successfully funded. Since there's no finished story reel to show as yet, Blur obviously can't say when or where a screening might take place, but did circulate the following message, letting supporters know that they understand concerns about the Kickstarter campaign and are trying to be as responsive as they can.

Today is a big milestone, Goon Backers... we're officially HALFWAY through our funding period! Your support have been AMAZING! We realize "The Goon" is not your typical Kickstarter and one of the common concerns has been "why can't we see the finished story reel?" As we tried to explain, it'd be very damaging to the pitch campaign if copies of  "The Goon"' movie's prototype were floating around the internet. BUT we value your support above everything, and we think we have a solution... "The Goon" Kickstarter is VERY excited to announce a special, backer-only SCREENING NIGHT of the finished Goon movie STORY REEL! Whether you've donated $1 or $1000 you're invited to attend this very special, ONE-NIGHT ONLY Los Angeles premiere. Details will follow in the months to come, but you'll have plenty of advance notice on the date/venue. (RSVP will be required so we can anticipate attendance) There's no admission charge, get here ANY way you can and we'll have your SEAT ready for you!!! Oh, and one other little detail... it'll be HOSTED by ERIC POWELL himself!!! "Why are Goon fans the best? They love bratwurst, seeing things smashed with wrenches, and pretty sure at least 35% have criminal records"    - Eric Powell

We spoke with Blur about the project at some length; look for that interview to go live later Sunday.