The New Age Of Movies Starts With Deadpool Says Creator


Deadpool opens on February 12, but already has incredible reviews. It's a unique entry into the comic book movie space, offering up someone that looks like they should be a superhero, and is out to save the day, but does it with a unique mix of violence, foul language, comedy, and sex that's never been seen before. [Read our full, spoiler-free review right here.]

And it might just start a revolution in the world of superhero films.

"2008 Iron Man, we started a new age of comic book films. They were smarter, they were better produced, the performances were better," Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld told in an interview ahead of the film's release. He called Iron Man a "game changer" after the build-up of Bryan Singer's X-Men films, Sam Raimi's Spider-Man movies and Nolan's Batman movies.

"That 2008 Iron Man was a game changer. It was smart, ridiculously well directed, well written, and a tour de force performance by Robert Downey Jr.," he said. For Liefeld, he knew how much impact the film had when his mother told him she was going to see the movie, largely because she loved Downey, Jr. "He became the face of Marvel, he became the face of Iron Man with one movie because people were just blown away. It lit the world on fire for Marvel."

Deadpool, with its wholly unique take on superheroics, and a star like Ryan Reynolds who was involved in the film from top to bottom, could be next.

"Deadpool is where it starts again," Liefeld said. "The new age of movies starts with Deadpool. That's a bold statement, you'll agree with it when you see the movie. It's different, it reflects the age that I grew up in. My buddies and I we would get in the car and we would see movies all weekend. Those were Robocop, Total Recall, Terminator 1 and 2, Alien, Aliens, the Die Hard movies, people forget those were all R rated, the Lethal Weapon movies, those were all R rated, they were more adult, they were more violent, they had adult humor."

And that's what Deadpool hopes to invigorate, and create a new sub-genre of.

"When you see what these guys have done, I'm telling you, it's just a kick. I'm pinching myself to be associated with it in any capacity," the creator said. He continuously praised the writers, director, and stars involved during the conversation, giving them credit for the work they've put into the film.

"Over time, obviously, I have become friends with all these guys. I'm a huge fan and I have affection for all of them. I know what they had on the line and what they put out there and I'm most excited because obviously, Ryan's a movie star. Rhett [Reese] and Paul [Wernick] are established screen writers. Tim Miller, this is his first movie and I am terrified at the amount of offers he's going to have on Monday morning, after this. I told him, 'Stay with us. Stay in the lane. Stay in the lane, Tim.' I know no one's going to have a hotter phone than Tim Miller because he's the new quantity. He just delivered the goods."

Liefeld said he's happy to pass the torch to this team, and that even after just the trailer he told them, "You guys are the Deadpool guys now. You get to be the Deadpool guys and that's so fun. We'll all go to the Deadpool fraternity." The creator is thrilled that this will be the vision of Deadpool from here on out, the same way that "the world views Robert Downey, Jr. as Iron Man.


"This depiction, Ryan's Deadpool and Tim Miller's vision, that's the Deadpool that the world is going to embrace as Deadpool. It's inevitable, you can't stop it, that's the way it's going to be."

Deadpool hits theaters February 12, 2016.