The Russo Brothers Tease New Avengers & Characters For Infinity War

During one of the many Russo Brothers centric panels at the Wizard World New Orleans Comic Convention, Captain America: Civil War director Joe Russo decided it's time to open up a bit about Infinity War.

In a Q&A panel, the directors fielded questions from fans ranging from their work on Community to thoughts on a Howard the Duck/Hawkeye showdown. Some fans brought more demanding questions, such as the one who asked how lower tier Avengers will step up and become bigger pieces of the movies going forward.

"Everything is finite, right? Nothing can last forever," Joe Russo began to explain. "It's cyclical. Some New Avengers in phase 4 are going to become prominent and then maybe some Avengers might not be around anymore. So, we'll see how all this plays out but you have to treat every character with respect. I think it's interesting that if you've seen four or five movies with the lead character having an arc, I want to see some story telling from some of the secondary characters. We're focusing on that right now with Infinity War while we're breaking into those movies, is which characters can we pull to the forefront who potentially haven't had their own 'A' story arc to this point. I think you'll see that the supporting Avengers are going to become primary Avengers."

The Russos haven't clarified which characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and comics will be teaming up for Avengers: Infinity War but when I talked to them on Thursday, they all-but-confirmed the Guardians of the Galaxy would be there.


Captain America: Civil War hits theaters May 6, 2016. Infinity War Parts I and II are set for release in May of 2018 and 2019, respectively.