The Wolverine Movie Trailer Delayed?

While Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel have both released trailers already, another major comic book [...]

The Wolverine Poster

While Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel have both released trailers already, another major comic book movie of the upcoming summer seems to be running behind. The Wolverine has only released a couple posters and photos to date, and many were expecting for the first trailer for The Wolverine to be released this upcoming week. Previously, The Wolverine director James Mangold tweeted that fans could expect to see a trailer for The Wolverine in early 2013. After it was revealed that 20th Century Fox didn't buy any Super Bowl advertising, many speculated that The Wolverine trailer would air in front of A Good Day To Die Hard on February 14th. Several sites even reported having reliable sources pegging The Wolverine trailer as being released online on February 12th. However, director James Mangold took to Twitter to dispel those rumors. When a Twitter user with the handle Sleepy recently asked if The Wolverine trailer was coming soon, Mangold responded, "Yes, sleepy. But not as soon as some speculate. We have something strong but I don't want the VFX half baked." When some continued to speculate that the trailer was coming on the 12th, Mangold responded, "Don't hold your breath on the 12th or 13th or the 14th. Predict all you want, I got the facts on my side." Mangold also added, "JM Priorities 1) Make intense film w/ integrity. 2) Don't let marketing drive process. 3) Ignore fear, panic & random dates." When approached about the 12th date again today, Mangold said, "Sorry. Rumor was not correct, Sleepy. Stay tuned and I'll let you know. People were guessing." The first tweets from James Mangold made it sound like The Wolverine trailer was pushed back for special effects work, while the most recent tweet makes it sound like the rumored date was never valid to begin with. The only thing for certain now appear that it won't be released this week. The Wolverine is scheduled to be released in theaters on July 26, 2013.