The Wolverine To Start Filming This Month

0commentsThe Telegraph

of Sidney, Australia, is reporting that hometown hero Hugh Jackman will be in town "within the next three weeks" to begin filming on The Wolverine, director James Mangold's follow-up to X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The film had originally been set to begin filming next month, or at least that's what Jackman tweeted back in May, but that date has apparently been moved up, perhaps in order to give the studio more time for post-production work. It may be needed to digitally insert Japanese landmarks, as The Telegraph suggests that the film will no longer shoot in Japan due to damage sustained by 2011's tsunami and earthquake. That's the first we've heard of it; most previous reports have suggested that the film would split time between Australia and Japan--but with superhero movies shattering box office records this year and far too many false starts already under the film's belt, perhaps someone decided it was time for The Wolverine to just get moving already. Even the reports that suggested an Australia-only shoot had never cited the tsunami as a cause, instead attributing the decision to financial motives, since Australia was willing to give generous tax concessions to studios that film there.