The Wolverine, X-Men: First Class Are "Year Zero For Fox Marvel Movies"

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Fox's newly-appointed Marvel movies chief Mark Millar heaped praise on The Wolverine at the Millarworld message boards, saying that taken in tandem with  X-Men: First Class, the two represent a new beginning for 20th Century Fox's Marvel Comics film adaptations. "The script is amazing and Mangold is such a brilliant director," Millar told his fans. "Seen the first 10 mins and it looks like David Lean doing a superhero movie. This the one that's going to surprise people. This and First Class were Year Zero for the Fox Marvel movies as far as I'm concerned." Of course, rumor has it that Millar was brought in, in no small part, to tie the X-Men films and the upcoming Fantastic Four movie by Josh Trank together in a kind of miniaturized Marvel Universe featuring the properties Fox controls. It's a concept that he embraces, saying that he'd like to even take it a step further and make movies that could in theory fit into the continuity of the Marvel Studios movies being produced at Disney.