Third Dark Knight Rises Trailer: Five Questions Raised

The third and what some have labeled as final trailer for The Dark Knight Rises has arrived. [...]

Dark Knight Rises Batman's Beard

The third and what some have labeled as final trailer for The Dark Knight Rises has arrived. Instead of making fans wait until the Avengers, Warner Bros. decided to release the third Dark Knight Rises trailer online early as a reward for fans completing a viral game. Here are five questions raised by the new trailer. What's Up With Bruce Wayne's Beard? – Bruce Wayne is shown sporting a mustache and a beard. Of course, facial hair would be problematic if Bruce Wayne wanted to go out as Batman, because it might clue people into his secret identity. Gee.. Batman has a beard and mustache just like Bruce Wayne. Likely, the beard and mustache are just a point of emphasis that Bruce Wayne has retired from being Batman at the beginning of The Dark Knight Rises.

Dark Knight Rises prisoner flippingWhat's With The Prisoner Flipping?

– In one scene, a prisoner in an orange jump suit can be seen grabbing the hands of another prisoner and doing a flip. In slow motion, the prisoner doing the flip is revealed to be Selina Kyle (Catwoman). The rumor is that Selina Kyle is breaking the other prisoner's wrists when she does the flip.

Dark Knight Rises smaller BaneWhy Is Bane So Small?

– Bane looks to be much smaller than he is in the comic books. Some are wondering why Christopher Nolan didn't use CGI to give Bane a pumped up muscular look to make him more intimidating. Not sure of the answer, but possibly it would have come across as looking fake and distracting if Nolan had altered Tom Hardy's body to look larger than he actually is.

Catwoman Fighting Alongside BatmanIs Catwoman Fighting Alongside Batman?

– In one brief dark scene, Catwoman appears to be fighting alongside Batman. If the image is slowed down and brightened up, it is indeed exactly what it looks like. Maybe, Catwoman is on Batman's side after all.

Dark Knight Rises bridges blowing upWhy Are The Bridges Being Blown Up?

– It looks like the rumors that Bane cuts Gotham City off from the rest of the outside world are true. By blowing up the bridges, Bane is making it more difficult for anyone to leave or get into Gotham City.