Thor: Ragnarok Rumored To Have Major Female Villain

hela amora

We know Thor will be joined by the Hulk in his third "solo" outing, Thor: Ragnarok. We expect Loki to return, given his position of power at the conclusion of Thor: The Dark World. We've heard rumors that Valkyrie may make her review.

Now the website of gossip maven Elaine Lui is claiming to have rumors that Marvel Studios will include a major female villain in the film:

I have heard that Marvel is also planning on bringing their first major female villain into their cinematic universe. I don't know who the character is for sure, but there are a couple likely candidates from Asgard: Amora the Enchantress, a sorceress; or Hela, Queen of the Dead.

The report seems to be speculating on who the villainess could be based on the available characters in the Marvel Universe, rather than on an information from sources, but these do seem to be the most likely candidates. Enchantress is one of Thor's oldest foes, and the Queen of the Dead would have a natural role in the events of the Asgardian Ragnarok.

They also seem to be speculating when they say the studio is looking for an actress who is "Cate Blanchett big," indicating that is the level of actress Marvel is looking for, but not necessarily that they've actually courted Blanchett for the role.


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(via Marvel_Freshman)