Thor: The Dark World Comic-Con Trailer Reveals Controversial Spoiler

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While most of the excitement at the Marvel Studios panel revolved around the first Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer and the first Guardians Of The Galaxy trailer, there was also a new trailer shown for Thor: The Dark World. Because there's already been a trailer released for Thor: The Dark World, it didn't quite generate as much buzz as the two other movies that were revealing footage for the first time, but there was a very controversial scene in the Thor: The Dark World trailer. If you don't want to get spoiled, then stop reading now. Odds are that Marvel Studios will eventually air this trailer somewhere besides Comic-Con, and it's really more of a tease than spoil, because things are left a little unclear. The beginning of the Thor: The Dark World trailer is very similar to Thor footage already revealed. The Warriors Three and Sif are caught up in a battle with the Dark Elves, when Thor shows up to help. There is a pretty awesome looking giant rock monster revealed, similar to the ones that Thor has battled in the comics in the past. The giant rock monster charges at Thor, and Thor jokes about accepting his surrender. There is an attack on Earth, and Thor brings Jane Foster back to Asgard for her own safety. Thor goes to his brother Loki for help, and Loki is warned about betraying Thor. Of course, the warning seems to do little good, because the last scene in the trailer is the shocker. As a beaten and bloodied Thor reaches out his hand to summon Mjolnir, Loki swings down a blade, appearing to cut Thor's hand off. Of course, Thor will likely be on hand for Avengers 2 & 3, which begs the question of how many hands will he be showing up with? Does Loki actually cut off Thor's hand or is it some type of illusion? Will Thor be sporting some type of mechanical hand? Or will he somehow grow his hand back?