Thor: The Dark World Director Would Like a Director's Cut of the Movie

Usually, filmmakers are reticent to speak out about wishing they had a more personal, complete cut [...]

Thor The Dark World After The Credits Scene

Usually, filmmakers are reticent to speak out about wishing they had a more personal, complete cut of their least until it's out of theaters. Thor: The Dark World's Alan Taylor, though, told Crave Online already that he would support a fan campaign to give him a director's cut of the film for DVD and Blu-ray release. "Wouldn't that be great?" The director said with a laugh. "Maybe if you start the lobbying right now you can build up enough demand that Marvel will have to respond. I think it's always the case with these big movies that that happens, and it's painful to me because I absolutely love, love, love, love a lot of the stuff that fell by the wayside. Some of it was Malekith. You saw a lot more into the relationship between him and Algrim. You saw a lot more of what was driving him personally. And as I mentioned already there was a lot more with the kids, you saw them explore these fantastical events that were going on." Alan Taylor added, "Yeah, that's excruciating. Whether it's whole scenes that are dropped or whether it's beats or lines or moments that fall away in the drive to make it faster, tighter, funnier, quicker, more efficient, so yeah, that's the excruciating thing. I think if there was a director's cut it would be that much different. Maybe someday. Maybe someday if I become such a huge success later on in life I can come back and do it." Presumably, Marvel Studios keeps final cut on these movies, in order to make sure the movie sticks somewhat with their house style and that they can add the post- or mid-credits sequences they want to. Taylor has been...we'll say less than enthusiastic about the addition of a sequence mid-credits in Thor: The Dark World teasing Guardians of the Galaxy. On more than one occasion, he's told reporters he's "very happy to not take credit for" the sequence, which was directed by Guardians's James Gunn.