Thor: The Dark World First Review Released

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The world premiere of Thor: The Dark World takes place in Odeon Leicester Square in London today. After the world premiere, the review embargo for the British press will reportedly be lifted, and fans should see a ton of reviews and spoilers flooding the Internet tonight. However, the Belgian press has also already seen the film, and there were apparently no embargoes like with the British premiere. has published the first review of Thor: The Dark World. Just like with the early short reviews that have surfaced on message boards and Twitter, overall the review is very positive. We've included some non-spoiler highlights from the review below, but be warned the actual review does contain some major spoilers. The site is written in Dutch, so what we're providing is a rough translation. calls Thor: The Dark World "an emotional and active roller coaster." In particular, they seemed to be impressed with the look of the film describing it as in "the middle between The Lord of the Rings-style fantasy and dark sci-fi like Man of Steel and Star Wars." They note that it may seem "overly ambitious, but it works in the context of the larger Marvel film universe." As far as criticism, they note some of the humor seems forced and their isn't much time spent on the Thor and Jane Foster relationship. Also, it's pointed out that some scenes might be difficult for those not familiar with the Marvel Universe to follow. Ultimately, says Thor: The Dark World is "one of the best" Marvel films so far and "the Thor movie you've always wanted to see." They praise Thor The Dark World for humorous scenes, epic battles, and beautiful settings and costumes.