Thor: The Dark World Projected For $75 Million Opening Weekend

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While we're still a little over three weeks away from the opening of Thor: The Dark World in the United States, the first projections of what the film will make in its opening weekend have hit. According to a report in The Hollywood Reporter, Thor: The Dark World is currently tracking to bring in $75 million it its opening weekend in the U.S. While that number is quite a bit lower than the $174 million that Iron Man 3 made in its opening weekend earlier this year, it's still a nice increase over the $65 that the original Thor movie brought in during its opening weekend. Given the fact that Thor: The Dark World is being released in the typically slow early November time period, the $75 million projection would actually be a very strong debut for the film. However, we're betting the projection is low at this point. Iron Man 3 greatly exceeded it's opening weekend expectations, and the same Avengers momentum should carry over to Thor: The Dark World. We wouldn't be surprised if the projections rise above the $100 million mark as it gets closer to opening weekend.