Thor The Dark World: Tom Hiddleston Wants Loki And Enchantress To Be Lovers

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In a new interview with Total Film to promote Thor: The Dark World, Tom Hiddleston reveals a possible love interest for Loki. When asked if Loki is going to remain a celibate God, Hiddleston demonstrated that he knows his source material. "He certainly is not, though," said Hiddleston. "I mean, Sleipnir is one of his children. Did you know that? Odin's eight-legged horse in the mythology is one of Loki's children. As is Fenrir the wolf." In regards to who Loki should get together with, Tom Hiddleston has a very specific idea, which he would like Marvel Studios to pursue in future Thor movies. "When I was first reading the comics, the relationship with the Enchantress was one of the really fun things I thought would be good to explore, and may have even pitched it to Kevin Feige at some point. Because she is as sneaky and as untrustworthy as he was," said Hiddleston. Hiddleston added, "They basically had a really fantastic and twisted relationship until they both say, 'You know what? I don't trust you as far as I can throw you. It's over.' Because they keep betraying each other, in a way. So it could be good." Thor: The Dark World is scheduled to be released in movie theaters in the United States on November 8, 2013. For more on Tom Hiddleston talking Loki, Issue #212 of Total Film magazine hits newsstands today.