Thor: The Dark World's Alexander Talks Wonder Woman


Last night at Stan Lee's Comikaze, Thor: The Dark World actress Jaimie Alexander made everyone in comics stand up and take notice when Forbes blogger Mark Hughes reported that she was talking to people at Warner Bros. about a DC Entertainment property. The immediate speculation then was that the property was Batman vs. Superman--and for many, the next logical thought was that Alexander might play Wonder Woman. Hughes tackled just that this morning, when he reported in an interview that he did with Alexander last night that apparently she's been asked her thoughts on Wonder Woman. She stopped short of saying that she's talking to Warner Bros. about that (or any other) DC job, saying only, "Being in the comic book world, we know a lot of the same people at DC and Marvel, so we hear a lot of things, but it's all speculation right now. But I would absolutely love that [Wonder Woman appearing in one of the upcoming films]. Thankfully and gratefully, I'm appreciative to the people who ask my opinion of the character, and that's been pretty amazing." Of Wonder Woman herself, the actress had said, "I would love for DC to put Wonder Woman in one of their upcoming flicks, either in her own movie or Batman vs. Superman, or just something even to introduce her." Hughes seems no less convinced today than he was last night that it's likely Batman vs. Superman--or its sequel, which he suspects will be a Trinity movie featuring Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. That said, he hedged a bit on whether Alexander might actually be talking them about casting; it seems her "I'm people who know people" may have tapped the brakes on that a little, suggesting that it's nearly as likely she's just talking to people in the industry about how Wonder Woman might be approached, given her experiences as the warrior woman Sif in the Thor films.