Thor: The Dark World's London Filming Details Emerge

In a pair of letters sent to area residents and uncovered by Comic Book Movie, the filmmakers behind Thor: The Dark World have revealed some key dates and places where they'll be filming in the coming month or so. The letters refer to "Thursday Mourning," the working title reportedly associated with the second Thor film, which is filming now in the U.K. The film is directed by Alan Taylor of Game of Thrones and is expected in U.S. theaters You can check out the first letter below, which informs area residents that the movie will be shooting at London's Butlers Wharf:

I am writing to you to inform you of our plans to film a scene for the forthcoming feature film entitled "Thursday Mourning" at Butlers Wharf on Monday 8th October from 0700 untill 1300. The scene to be filmed at Butlers Wharf will ultimately form part of a visual effects sequence running through streets of London. We plan to film using specially adapted 2 meter long model helicopter, know as a Heli-Cam, which has a sophisticated camera mounted on the front. The Heli-Cam will start its Journey over the water, in the middle of the dock alongside New Concordia Whard. It will then fly under the footbridge and then turn left towards Tower Bridge, flying close to the handrail opposite Browns restaurant. We may also film a similar scene on the pavement outside the Cantina restaurant.

And a second letter, this one putting filming for Thursday Mourning at the Old Naval College at Greenwich:

"Thursday Mourning" is the working title of a major feature film and we are currently working with many iconic locations across central London. One of our key locations in the film is the Old Naval College at Greenwich and we have various scenes to film that involve the Thames at high tide, camera boats, and aerial filming from a helicopter. To achieve this, we have to film before the clocks change, and the tides are right, and this has fallen on Sunday 21st October We are currently liaising with all the official bodies regarding permissions. To achieve the aerial shots from the Helicopter, we plan so fly from the North Shore (Over Island Gardens), directly south to the South Shore of the Thames, starting at 500ft descending to 100 ft. (Almost exactly where the Cable wire camera was positioned for the Olympic coverage). We are currently discussing our plans with the Port of London Authority (PLA) and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and a notice to mariners will be issued in due course. We need to achieve this when the river is quiet from commercial vessels and the tides are right, which means we are proposing to shoot with the helicopter between the hours of 0700 and 1100. The Helicopter will be in the air for 10-minute intervals through out the morning. As we film, we will need to hold river traffic with PLA river launches, and location security will assist with asking pedestrians and cyclists to wait momentarily on the Thames Path for short periods as the helicopter flies overhead. When the Helicopter is not required it will travel East and land back at a predetermined landing pad.