Todd McFarlane Shares Update On Spawn Movie


Mixing a little truth and a little fiction together, Image Comics co-founder Todd McFarlane shared an update on the status of the Spawn movie script he's writing, and then provided fans with a first look at a celebrity they're almost certainly not trying to cast in the role.

Before going into full-on April Fool mode, McFarlane said that he hoped to have the script completed by Comic Con International in San Diego this July and that he would post some pages of the script to Facebook shortly. He clarified in the comments that part was true and not part of the later joke.


You can see the full video below.


I PROMISE my head does NOT explode in this video!!!!! For those of you thinking this is an APRIL FOOLS joke, it's NO JOKE that I am currently writing the script for the new Spawn MOVIE. I think you folks will be just as excited about this new direction as I am.Anyway, just wait until you see who we're trying to cast as the main role. Enjoy. TODD

Posted by Todd McFarlane on Wednesday, April 1, 2015